"I have known Sharon Kunkel with Wordslinger for more than 10 years. Sharon was first introduced to me when I needed help with a crisis communication plan and then she transitioned to creating the voice for our organization. She is an extreme professional with unparalleled experience in every aspect of communications and public relations. Her writing skills are exemplary and she is an exceptionally proficient editor. Sharon is always on top of her game and finds opportunities to gain exposure for your company by piggybacking on current news and events. She is extremely talented and creative and will always provide the ultimate deliveries. I highly and unequivocally recommend Sharon Kunkel and Wordslinger."
Veronica Brandon Miller, The Florida Realtor

"Sharon and I have had the pleasure of working together for more than a decade through several organizations and now that she has her own firm. The printing projects she has been responsible for have always been extremely detailed, organized and come with generous deadlines. Communication is key when it comes to printing. Each and every detail is critical to the outcome of the project. I highly recommend her for her expertise in this area."

Renee Phinney, Partner, Palm Printing

"Sharon Kunkel is that rare individual in this modern age of communications: She knows how to write extraordinarily literate press releases that grab you right away — and no one knows better than she does how to navigate social media as well as conventional methods to get the word out. In our business, quality of writing is almost as important as credibility. Many a time I have simply deleted a press release because it was so poorly crafted. If you want assurance that your message will be not just heard but absorbed and acted upon, you have to choose someone with the skills to make that happen. Sharon is just that person." 

Rachel Brown Hackney, editor and publisher, The Sarasota News Leader

"Given what I have been doing for decades, working to create hundreds of new client campaigns annually, I have come to understand just how unusual it is to collaborate with someone who can 'touch all the bases.' Only rarely do I meet a visionary who can create an inspirational plan for an appeal, has the gift to be able to transfer the concept into a look and voice that will motivate people to give, and then deliver on their promises by bringing in the revenue. Sharon Kunkel is one of those exceptionally rare professionals. Creative and pointedly clear. Intense and yet effective. Passionate and ultimately successful. Rare skill sets indeed, but Sharon possesses of all of them. I have had the professional opportunity to collaborate with her at three major Sarasota regional nonprofits over the last 10 years, and her intensity and almost ceaseless enthusiasm for the challenge at hand still amazes me. I count her as one of my most valued contemporaries and, best of all, I learn from watching her in action. There are few people in our business that I respect and enjoy more than Sharon, and I would heartily recommend her to anyone in search of the best possible communications professional."

Brian Weiner, former Chief Development Officer, The MAVEN Project